HowLeaky is water balance and water quality simulation software environment incorporating the PERFECT (Littleboy et al. 1992) model. This water balance model has been developed to assess the impacts of different land uses, soil types, management practices and climates on hydrology and water quality. HowLeaky is being continuely supported by a range of Australian organisations, including Queensland and Victorian Governments, RPS and DHM Environmental Software Engineering.

This site provides:

  • Information about the Howleaky simulation environment;
  • A Downloadable version of HowLeaky (provided without warranty or support);
  • Tutorials for the beginner user
  • A Field Studies Database describing experimental studies dealing with the impact of management on hydrology and water quality, mainly at the paddock. Studies included  particularly relate to the Great Barrier Reef catchments and grain growing areas across Australia.

Download HowLeaky v5.49.03