HowLeaky Version 5.46.05 (10/10/2013)

  • Made changes (simplified) package importing.
  • Added option to "Treat missing simulated data as zeros"

HowLeaky Version 5.46.04 (02/10/2013)

  • Fixed corrupted form in Cover Editor which was causing application error.

HowLeaky Version 5.46.03 (25/09/2013)

  • Fixed some problems with the packaging;
  • Rewrote some of the data template loading algorithsm so that we can load a project file without loading in the template data

HowLeaky Version 5.46.02 (25/09/2013)

  • Recoded package compression implementation as there seems to be a bug in 3rd party library when adding file comments.
  • Removed file data comparision when unzipping files.

HowLeaky Version 5.46.01 (25/09/2013)

  • Finalised project packaging functionality. This allows you to export project files and data as a compressed archive, and also to import archives back in.
  • Fixed some bugs relating to closing down dialogs.

HowLeaky Version 5.45.07 (09/09/2013)

  • Implemented possible fix for obsucre refreshing issue when overrideing parameters.
  • Fixed bug in chart axes use in drawing charts.
  • Added warning and confirmation if running experimental cover function.

HowLeaky Version 5.45.06 (09/09/2013)

  • Changed Program manager to Singlton to try and fix obsure threading error.
  • Update program structure to accomodate new ProgramManager.
  • Updated Parameter report code.
  • Updated tests for new program manager.

HowLeaky Version 5.45.04 (05/04/2013)

  • Fixed Vegetation Report

HowLeaky Version 5.45.03 (21/03/2013)

  • Added irrigation cover effects for erosion calculation
  • Added runoff from irrigation and runoff from rainfall output timeseries

HowLeaky Version 5.45.02 (08/03/2013)

  • Added waterlogging factors to LAI model

HowLeaky Version 5.45.02 (13/01/2013)

  • Added MaxAllowableTotalCover parameter to Cover Veg Model. Default value is 1.0;

HowLeaky Version 5.45.01 (13/01/2013)

  • Added Scaling factors for green cover, residue cover and root depth so that you can quickly adjust/scale cover
  • Added Scaling factors for Nitrate Loads so that you can quickly adjust/scale loads.

HowLeaky Verion 5.44.07 (20/12/2012)

  • * Updated Installer to install data in user's MyDocuments directory, so that that it does not violate the permissioning restrictions of Win7 and Win8.
  • * Changed code so that HowLeaky knows what the user's documents directory is.

HowLeaky Version 5.44.06 (04/12/2012)

  • Added new irrigation runoff options (ignore, proportional, from sequence)
  • Fixed crash in Sensitivity Analysis.

HowLeaky Version 5.44.05 (19/11/2012)

  • Create console version (for running from PEST).

HowLeaky Version 5.44.04 (18/11/2012)

  • Added two options for Dissolved P - Vic DPI method and QLD REEF method.

HowLeaky Version 5.44.03 (07/11/2012)

  • Fixed a bug with reporting fallow erosion in the water balance report
  • Fixed phosphours EMC in batch summary output.
  • Set initial Nitrate Estimates to zero instead of -32768
  • Initialised wsi and tsi for batch output formating

HowLeaky Version 5.44.02 (26/10/2012)

  • Update Nitrate Load Editor (fixed copy and paste functionality).

HowLeaky Version 5.44.01 (11/10/2012)

  • Updated reside cover calculations in multiple cropping to use Beer's Law.

HowLeaky Version 5.43.05 (11/10/2012)

  • Finalised the batch processing.

HowLeaky Version 5.43.04 (08/10/2012)

  • Fixed bug in Phosphorus Model

HowLeaky Version 5.43.03 (23/09/2012)

  • Fixed bugs in Nitrate Simulation Options - previous was possible to produce an output if "NONE" was selected.
  • Updated Runoff and Drainage totals during Nitrate simulation
  • Add Solute and Nitrate Filter Parameters Lists to Filter Menu.
  • Debugged why some Nitrate parameters weren't showing
  • Fixed  crash when pesticide or crop is removed* Fixed Bugs in Global Popup Simulation Menu

HowLeaky Version 5.43.02 (21/09/2012)

  • Updated water quality reports

HowLeaky Version 5.43.01 (19/09/2012)

  • Chopped out all the options for the Dissolved Phosphorus calculations (before there was USDA, Sharpley, and Coefficient methods), stuck with the USDA method
  • Changed to the USDA methods calculation for Dissolved  P  Conc  back to what was published at MODSIM2011 instead of having a low, medium and high options.
  • Changed the structure of the Phosphorus XML data file, but added legacy support for the old file format.

HowLeaky Version 5.42.08 (02/09/2012)

  • changed  p_max_sorption=5.84*PBI-0.0096*pow(PBI,2) to  p_max_sorption = 1447 * (1-exp(-0.001 * PBI))

HowLeaky Version 5.42.07 (03/07/2012)

  • Fixed a bug in project loading.
  • removed (temporarily) non-support batch output formats

HowLeaky Version 5.42.06 (25/06/2012)

  • Added percentage losses to pesticide time series
  • Fixed a bug in cover model where cover values weren't being set(newly introduced)

HowLeaky Version 5.42.06 (25/06/2012)

  • Finalised Simulation based bach files.

HowLeaky Version 5.42.04 (22/06/2012)

  • Still working on batch processing.

HowLeaky Version 5.42.03 (21/06/2012)

  • Still working on batch processing.

HowLeaky Version 5.42.02 (19/06/2012)

  • Updated batch processing to include multithreading (NOTE THAT THIS HAS NOT YET BEEN FULLY VALIDATED.)

HowLeaky Version 5.38.01 (07/12/2011)

  • Fixed a bug in the Phosphorus Science which constant enrichment was being assigned a clay setting (options switched).

HowLeaky Version 5.37.08 (05/12/2011)

  • Add support for Reef Climate Files in automated scenario builder (no decimal in lat long)
  • Fixed bug in Cover Editor. Now removes lines filled with "zeros".

HowLeaky Version 5.37.07 (24/11/2011)

  • Added import facility to build scenarios for location/soil text file
  • Added saturation index as output timeseries

HowLeaky Version 5.37.06 (24/10/2011)

  • Removed CREAMS/Sharpley(1980) fn for calculating Phosphorus Enrichment Ratio* Change PMax calculation

HowLeaky Version 5.37.05 (24/10/2011)

  • Fixed a bug whereby data comments were not being read in when importing templates.

HowLeaky Version 5.37.04 (24/10/2011)

  • Changed the residue decay function as per B.Robinson's specs
  • Changed the word "date" to "sim#" in annnual average batch output results
  • Fixed a bug in batch processing whereby a new directory sometimes wasn't generated (especially if it contained several new path branches)

HowLeaky Version 5.37.03 (18/10/2011)

  • Fixed a bug in the Browser output whereby multi-selecting sometime provided "dead" graphs* Fixed a bug in the batch processing whereby "Save By Type" option wasn't working correctly.
  • Restricted  Phosphorus Enrichment ratio to 10 when using CREAMS method

HowLeaky Version 5.37.02 (07/10/2011)

  • Fixed a bug whereby the HowLeaky Parameter Limits files was not saving in the correct place.

HowLeaky Version 5.37.01 (05/10/2011)

  • Fixed a bug in the batch processing which was adding in extra blank lines.
  • Added in a "fixer" tool to strip blank lines out of any existing batch output files which were subject to previous bug
  • Rewrote the verification routines based around a discrete "verification mode" which allows you to compare results from multiple versions of howleaky.

HowLeaky Version 5.36.08 (16/09/2011)

  • Updated some of the headings in the batch processing outputs.

HowLeaky Version 5.36.07 (12/09/2011)

  • Changed planting rules - based now on no of crops rather than no of years
  • Fixed graphing of cover and residue in Cover model report
  • Changed order of water balance time-series
  • Fixed but in calculating total cover when multi-cropping (this bug had no real effect on results - just visual)
  • Updated Dougherty equations in Phosphorus model - seems last equations were very wrong.

HowLeaky Version 5.36.05 (02/09/2011)

  • Updated Phosphorus Model
  • Rewrote the batch processing algorithms - should be no longer a limit on the number of simulations you can run.
  • Added annual summary option to the batch processing options.
  • Updated bug in storing time-series data (used to add an extra unused array for storage which sometimes confused the drawing of time-series)
  • Fixed some crashes in the time-series analysis

HowLeaky Version 5.36 (18/06/2011)

  • Fixed folder menus bug for bulk changes to simulations inside of folders
  • Fixed double-click of time-series to select multiple time-series at once
  • Fixed bugs in Cover and Nitrate model editors
  • Fixed bugs in drawing time-series with missing data.

HowLeaky Version 5.35 (15/06/2011)

  • Fixed bug in Batch processing filter menu - you can now filter the simulation and time-series output list;
  • Enabled "remove" batch objects option
  • Added new switch into model options to allow/disallow the use of an improved Curve number function;
  • Changed Min and Max rotation count from a "count of rotations" to a "count of years"
  • reworded the planting rotation options - hopefully easier to understand now.
  • Added new "COMBINED" output option to batch processing
  • Added time-series inputs (rain, temp,evap, solar rad) to the outputs list meaning that:    - Climate files no longer appear in the Browser Analyses - the data is listed under each simulation    - Climate data is now selectable in batch processing outputs
  • Added a "saving" message when saving batch outputs (Combined or data-type options).
  • Fixed multicrop planting with sequence files.

HowLeaky Version 5.34 (30/05/2011)

  • Changes to the phosphorus model science in calculating Phos_Conc_Dissolve_mg_per_L (change in intercept)
  • Some experimental science changes added (activated only through switch)

HowLeaky Version 5.33 (06/05/2011)

  • Changed CoverModel time-series import (From Dairmod) to save the time-series in the crop template file itself.
  • Fixed bugs in time-series tools - such as when copying time-series, and importing time-series from some file modules.
  • Fixed bugs in copying and deleting templates (crops, soils etc).
  • Added extra functionality to reload, view, and explore attached time-series data files (a popup menu on the time-series template name)
  • Many minor bugs fixed in user interface

HowLeaky Version 5.32 (16/03/2011)

  • Fixed some bugs in Sensitivity Analysis that was causing it to crash on some computers
  • Fixed a bug when deleting templates that are attached to scenarios.
  • Fixed a bug with multiple tillage regarding MinDaysBetweenTillage parameter
  • Fixed a bug in DairyMod import which create multiple residue biomass timeseries.
  • Changed biomass to cover equations when importing time-series in cover-model
  • lots of other minor bugs fixed.

HowLeaky Version 5.31 (16/03/2011)

  • I've changed the erosion outputs in HowLeaky from only having a single parameter called SoilErosion (which is effectively "hill-slope erosion") to two outputs called:   - Hill-slope Erosion   - Offsite Sediment Delivery (which is Hill-slope Erosion x Sediment Delivery Ratio)
  • I've also made a few more changes to the sensitivity analysis - in the process of creating a YouTube tutorial for this feature (which I will now need to redo), I realised a few shortcomings which I have now overcome...
  • adding the current parameter values (along with parameter name) to the parameter list box in the SA setup dialog;
  • removing some redundant parameters;
  • Sorting the results from most sensitive to least sensitive (this is a huge improvement);
  • put a better tolerance on result testing- previously it would detect numerical rounding errors as a "change" and report it as such (it should have said "no change").
  • I've fixed the calculation of monthly and yearly time-series for those time-series which can't accumulate (i.e. Temperature)

HowLeaky Version 5.30 (15/03/2011)

  • Fixes a bug with the sensitivity analyiss - embarassingly I made a change at the last minute which I didn't test in the installation... results - a serious crash in HowLeaky when closing the sensitivity analysis.
  • Fixed a bug in the phosphorus model - identified by Brett Robinson.
  • Fixes a bug when deleting data templates and the dynamic parameter report is showing
  • Fixes a bug when closing an empty (newly created) cover editor dialog.

HowLeaky Version 5.29 (13/03/2011)

  • This version updates the batch processing algorithms to better support large datasets.
  • Fixes some memory leaks which stopped HowLeaky from freeing memory when simulations were deleted.
  • Resets simulation output objects when simulations are completed during batch processing.
  • Add new project loading/status dialog to better monitor loading of large projects
  • Adds a progress bar when freeing objects.
  • changes focus of sensitivity analysis from toolboxes to parameters so as to be able to run analyses on soil layers.

HowLeaky Version 5.28a (01/03/2011)

  • Added in Support for DairyMod file import
  • Can now import time-series into Cover-model and Nitrate Model (including DairyMOD time-series)
  • Can now export in CatchMods format
  • Sensitivity analysis added back in.... (still needs some debugging)
  • Batch processing algorithms and dialogs simplified.
  • Better support for large number of scenarios (Simulation indexing changed).
  • Older changes over the previous versions include Tillage structure changes - allows multi tillage, Pesticide structure changes - allows multi pesticide

HowLeaky Version 5.17 (8/12/2010)

  • Lots of bug fixes and a few new features;* ENSO stratifications have been added to the probability of exceedance graphs* ENSO background shading have been added to the time-series analysis* Dynamic planting algorithms have been rewritten and two new parameters added including "sowing delay" and "Min years since last rotation"* Dynamic planting switches have been added as annotations in the time-series graph* Bug fixed in drawing soil water limits on time-series graph* Bug fixed in renaming folders* Bug fixed where yield was not calculating

HowLeaky Version 5.17 (25/10/2010)

  • This version fixes a stilly bug I introduced in the last version regarding the LAI... sorry.

HowLeaky Version 5.16 (20/10/2010)

  • This version represent the end of three months of refinement - It currently has had very little testing so there will probably be a lot of activity over the next couple of weeks fixing bugs. Please let me know if you find anything.A major modification to this version is the addition of a solute model and addition of new parameter (input data) and veg-managment reports.

HowLeaky Version 5.10 (06/09/2010)

  • This is a pretty major revision of HowLeaky - I have spent a lot of time refactoring and optimising code, improving error handling, and refining the user interface. Major modifications include:
  • Phosphorus algorithms have been rewritten - NOTE THEY HAVE NOT YET BE VALIDATED.
  • Filters added to user interface- can now filter time-series, data-templates, and simulations.
  • Browser tools updated - help notes added when not time-series are selected.
  • Interactive help added - click on any input parameter name to show description, and related code in report window.
  • many more...

HowLeaky Version 5.08 (23/06/2010)

  • Switched on check to ensure N leached is less than N available.
  • Updated a few names and captions
  • Fixed a bug in the TeeChart libraries when using Stacked View.

HowLeaky Version 5.07 (22/06/2010)

  • Added Nitrate model based on method of Freebairn.
  • Reverted to full path names on saving.
  • Updated some of the batch processing functionality.
  • Fixed lots of little bugs

HowLeaky Version 5.06 (06/06/2010)

  • Ok... This verion has had quite a bit of testing now, and it looks like it is starting to work quite well.
  • Rewriting the editors for the treeview... about time.
  • Finishing off the input data interface - about time as well.
  • Fixing a bug in the cover model which didn't quite work as expected since the rewrite.

HowLeaky Version 5.01

  • Here is the first version of HowLeaky built under C++Builder2010. This was quite a major revision with many parts of the program having to be rewritten to compile under the IDE. It was a chance to clean up the code and get rid of many outdated third-party components.
  • Updated user interface - created an extra inputs tab for simulations.
  • Updated treeview control to include visual indicators with mouseovers, and hyperlinks to other parts of the program.
  • Colour sheme has been changed and time-series outputs panel has been updated.
  • Fixed bug with vegetation time-series names not showing correctly (under multiple veg)
  • Runoff is now calculated using yesterday’s cover information (LAI model)- this was a flaw in previous version causing a ‘0’ spike in total cover at harvesting.
  • Fixed bug where HL crashes when MaxRootDepth = 300* Completely rewrote pesticide algorithms
  • Fixed copy functionality of templates (for example, planting info now copies correctly)
  • I've also developed batch processing, PEST compatibility, and a validation module while I will activate over the next couple of weeks.
  • Sensitivy analysis functionality is currently disabled in this version until the work to complete this is officially commissioned.cheers David

HowLeaky2008 Revision 1.43 (15 Dec 2009)

  • Quite a few bug fixes in this one - some have been there since version 1.
  • Fixed a bug with planting and irrigation windows - if the startdate occurred after the enddate (i.e. the enddate followed onto the next year- then nothing would happen, then nothing would happen.
  • A bug existed when creating new projects - the memeory wasn't properly cleared when deleting the old project sometimes causing a program crash
  • A bug was recently introduced whereby HL would sometimes crash when dealing with soil with more than three layers.
  • Scatter plot was broken in the last version - now fixed, including the stats are now calculated correctly.

HowLeaky2008 Revision 1.42 (07 Dec 2009)

  • Fixed up planting rotation algorithm - was play up when growing crops for more than a year* Allowed irrigation on Cover model - GGD parameter has no influence.
  • Total cover (Cover model) nows gets multiplied by 0.87 when calcualting potential evap - to make the same as APSIM Potentential_Evaporation=Sim->pan_evaporation*(1.0-total_cover*0.87);

HowLeaky2008 Revision 1.40 (02 Nov 2009)

  • Ok that didn't work so well this morning... I've now readjusted the irrigation algorithms - should be working ok now...

HowLeaky2008 Revision 1.39 (02 Nov 2009)

  • This makes a significant change to the way irrigation is carried out - under the old method - SOIL cracking would not be affected by irrigation - and there would be a huge volume balance error when applying fixed irrigation amounts greater than SWD.Now I have changed the code so that irrigation gets added to (and treated as) "effective rainfall". You should now see lots of runnoff when applying a fixed amount.

HowLeaky2008 Revision 1.36 (21 May 2009)

  • last two revisions fixes a problem with assigning a start year and end year for the simulation. Previously there was a error whereby the wrong period of the climate data was being used (essentially starting from the begining of the clmiate data)... anyway... fixed now.* Also added InitialPAWC parameter into model options - sets the PAWC on the first day of the simulation

HowLeaky2008 Revision 1.34 (12 May 2009)

  • I've significantly updated the irrigation routines.
  • There were big errors in the "irrigate to saturation" routines (as it was a prototype, and not properly tested), resulting in large volume balance errors.
  • I've now added in EXTRA option to irrigation within a window (to allow preirrigation- doesn't care if in fallow). (still uses GGD to end irrigation (should I take this out?), or end of window - whichever comes first)
  • Fixed irrigation sequence dialog (and also all of the other sequence dialogs) so that it updates simulation when you make changes.
  • Irrigation routine is as follows:(1) Check if we can irrigate, depending on options.(2) Work out soil water deficit, or saturation deficit(3) Assign irrigation amount (from whatever option is chosen)(4) Run rink tank routines (if required) to work out if there is enough water(5) redistribute water through layers. for all options EXCLUDING "irrigation to saturation" water is redistributed though each layer to field capacity of the layer. If the saturation option is selected, the obviously it is redistributed to saturation (Heaven help you if you have deep profiles). Do we need an option in here to limit the irrigation amount calculation to a certain number of layers???
  • Fixed monthly accumulations for p51 data that is loaded in after simulation.

HowLeaky2008 Revision 1.30 (1 April 2009) - no April fools jokes I promise...

  • sorry, but I found a rather serious error in the water balance analysis (third tab)- only in the tabular view of the results where it was plotting the results from the global list of simulations rather than the active list.For example, if you had sims 2 and 4 selected, it would output the results from sims 1 and 2. Unfortunately, the title was printed correct causing a mix-match in the name and results - this was caused by some of the code in the old version not being updated in the new version. I'm very sorry if this had caused any problems.
  • added extra decimal places for errosion in the water balance table
  • Fixed heaps of bugs in the loading and saving of the sensitivity analysis reports. Apparently there are still a few problems with it, but I have been unable to reproduce these errors on my computer ...please let me know (with screenshots) as soon as you find some problems.
  • fixed bug when creating a new project from the blank start-up screen.... used to crash.

HowLeaky2008 Revision 1.26 (22 Feb 2009)

  • Pesticides now work (sorry... was relying on others to test).
  • Can now duplicate vegetation templates
  • Fixed "Irrigation Parameters" in filter options (was incorrectly called "model option parameters")
  • Added tri-state checking to simulation folder (i.e. checkbox next to folder name which three states - checked, coloured (some children have been checked) and not checked)
  • Fixed "duplicate simulations" within folders - i.e. select simulations within folders and right-click and select duplicate simulations
  • Export to catchmods has been made more robust - not sure if this will fix the error that Jane got.