Small Farmland Experimental Catchments in Western Australia – Three Springs, Moolanooka

Level 1 General description


To obtain runoff and topographic measurements form agricultural land.

Methods (brief)

Runoff from agricultural land was measured from 14 experimental sites throughout Western Australia for use in the design of ameliorative soil conservation measures and for extension to farmers and catchment groups.

Key findings (brief)

Not available for this site.


Three Springs Moolanooka S 29o 26’ 28’’ E 116o 04’ 55’’

Related studies

The same study was carried out on sites at Jackitup Creek Hinkley’s Farm, Melaleuca Munglinup, Smith’s Brook Tributary, Kunjin North, Kunjin South, Newdegate Holland’s Farm, North Nungarin, Homestead, South Nungarin Jolly’s Farm, Berkshire Valley Experimental Catchment, Newdegate Wheelock’s Farm, Three Springs Weir’s Farm, Three Springs Minjin, and Nokanena Brook Wearbe.


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