Level 4: Data Summaries

Key Findings

The key findings are that a simple soil surface condition classification scheme for widely disturbed rangeland soils, is suitable for use by graziers. The assessment is based on as few as 12 categories using ground cover and easily distinguished surface morphology features. The study found that 3 broad cover classifications can effectively differentiate infiltration and sediment concentration in runoff.

  • In general an increase in infiltration rate and a decrease in sediment concentration with an increase in ground cover was noted;
  • Greatest variations in infiltration were noted for covers <25% ground cover, while the greatest variation in sediment loss was noted for covers >75%; and
  • Total N and P losses did not correlate well with cover. However, concentrations of N and P were primarily influenced by sediment concentrations.

Key table and figures extracted from data, literature, and miscellaneous publication

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