Stratification, forms, and mobility of phosphorus in the topsoil of a Chromosol used for dairying

Level 1 General description


The purpose of this study was to investigate the forms and stratification of soil phosphorus (P) and their relationship to mobile forms of P in soils collected from a subcatchment used for grazing of dairy cattle in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

Methods (brief)

Composite soil samples were collected from a 2.5 ha subcatchment that has been used for dairying for > 30 years. Soil samples were analysed for CaCl2-extractable P. Twelve re-packed soil trays comprising a subset of the soils were constructed to examine the relationship between the concentrations and forms of P in soil and runoff.

The trays were sown to ryegrass (Lolium perenne) and grown in a glasshouse for 4 months prior to the rainfall simulation experiments. Rainfall simulations were undertaken with an application rate of 30 mm/h over an average 30 minute period. A subsample of the runoff was then collected for filtration and analysis.

Key findings (brief)

Phosphorus in the soils was highly stratified. The concentration of calcium chloride extractable P in the 0–0.01m increment was, on average, 5.7 times greater than in the 0.05–0.10m increment. Organic P (% of total P) in the top 0.01m was significantly (P<0.001) related to soil P content such that low P soils (total P of ~600 mg/kg) had high proportions of Po (~65%),whereas high P soils (total P of ~2000 mg/kg) had low proportions (~25%) of Po.

Runoff P from the soils was predominantly (86%) dissolved. The dominant process of P mobilisation from high P soil was dissolution of phosphate (reactive P), whereas from a low P soil, the mobilisation of reactive and unreactive P was of similar importance.


Flaxley Agricultural Research Centre, Adelaide Hills, South Australia.

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