Hydrological Effects of Land Use Change on Small Catchments at the Narayen Research Station, Queensland (CSIRO 1988)

Level 1 General description


This study measured changes in soil water content, runoff and deep seepage between four catchments, two of which were treated by removing trees and planting two pasture species. The intent was to assess land management practices aimed at increasing stocking rate.

Methods (brief)

The study was undertaken on four catchments at the Narayen Research Station, 500 km north-west of Brisbane.

Instruments were set up to measure and compare rainfall, runoff, soil water and meteorological variables of the four catchments. Catchments 1 and 2 and catchments 3 and 4 were located as adjoining pairs.

Neutron meters were installed at depths of 1 m from the base to the top of the catchments. Average slopes were approximately 2°.

Key findings (brief)

There was no significant difference in evapotranspiration (calculated from rainfall, runoff and soil water storage change) or runoff between all four catchments. Catchments 2 and 3 (treated) stored up to 26 mm more soil water at 0-1 m depth than those in their original condition.


Narayen Research Station Lat 25°41’S, Lon 150°52’E

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