The generation and redistribution of overland flow on a massive oxic soil in a eucalypt woodland within the semi-arid tropics of North Australia

Level 1 General description


Identify runoff processes on smooth plainlands using a new experimental design for measuring overland flow (unbounded runoff plots).

Methods (brief)

Runoff was monitored on a 100 m transect with a 0.8 degree hillslope typical of the smooth plainlands of central-north Queensland

Key findings (brief)

  • Small amounts of rain at 10 mm hr-1 or greater are required for ponding and the initiation of overland flow;
  • 2 per cent of total rain was transferred out of the 100 m transect; and
  • The remainder contributes to soil water store and deep drainage.


20o45’S, 145o10’E Torrens Creek, Central-North Queensland

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