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Key Findings

Over a 38 week period commencing in December 2005, concentrations of diuron within the 0-15 cm soil layer was >70% of the total detected diuron. Smaller amounts of 8-20% and 4-10% of the detected diuron were within the 15-30 cm and 30-45 cm layers, respectively. Greater than 65% of all diuron metabolite concentration recorded were DCPMU.

During two rainfall events where intensity and duration was approximately >20mm h-1 for >26 minutes, the total loading was >0.62% of the applied diuron. By the average concentrations of detected compounds and total volumes in the runoff events, their estimated total loadings were 2.6% of applied diuron.

The result of the stream sediment monitoring revealed that, while minor amounts of these compounds escape in farm runoff at commercial rates of diuron application, they are likely to accumulate in stream sediments at concentrations that may produce toxic responses.

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