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Description of the Study


This study measured the concentration of Diuron and its metabolites 3-(3,4-dichlorophenyl)-1-methylurea (DCPMU), 3,4-dichlorophenylurea (DCPU) and 3,4-dichloroaniline (DCA) on a commercial sugarcane farm and in stream sediments in south-east Queensland.

When and Where?

Investigations were undertaken over a 38 month period on a commercial sugarcane farm situated on coastal sand classified as Podosol or Podzol.


This study investigated the concentration and dissipation rates of Diuron and its metabolites within a 19 ha catchment. A spray application of diuron at 6 kg/ha-1 using a delivery rate of 250 L/ha-1 was made to a 6.3 ha block nearing the canopy closure of the crop on 18 December 2005.

Hard rubber bordering was used to contain existing flows. The walls formed a V shape that directed flow into a San Dimas flume. Measurements were recorded to the last runoff event in the plant crop cycle at 325 days post spray application.

Baseline dissipation was measured at three contiguous interrows adjacent to the 19 ha catchment. Twenty one cores were taken, with samples taken from 0-15cm, 15-30cm and 30-45cm.

The stream sampling was carried out over an approximate 5 km length. Sampling was undertaken on 15 August and 6 September 2006. The sediment was collected at 10 sampling locations spaced over the 5km length on each date.

Project administration

Site identifier code: N/A

Principle investigator: Peter R Stork

Principle data manager: N/A

Principle organisations: The Australian Federal Government, the Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries.

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Key co-operators: N/A

Data access policy: Research has been published by base data not archived

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Key references and sources of this data synthesis

These data summaries have been extracted from:

Stork PR, Bennett FR, Bell MJ. (2008). ‘The environmental fate of diuron under a conventional production regime in a sugarcane farm during the plant cant phase’, Pest Management Science.

Keywords: Diuron, leaching, dissipation, degradation, runoff, sugarcane.


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